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13 plus ways on How Maria Toro does Self-Care:

The best self-care I invest in is to receive massage therapy each week, sometimes twice a week, once in a while three times a week, depending on my needs, how busy I am with clients, and how much I push my body physically, with my workouts.
      Everything in life is about recovery, how quick can we bounce back from ... insert whatever.
"Resilience factor", is another referral I use.

Encompassing big picture is Posture and body mechanics in real life.

This awareness was imbedded at 23 while in massage school. I was told by several instructors, the importance of this, and how it would be a game changer on how long I could practice massage.

For me, I had to pay my way thru all of life, including my education, I was all in, and heavily invested. I did not want to practice massage for 2-5 years, and not be able to do so after that because I didn't  take care of my body, therefore, the body could no longer take care of you.
No, with me, I wanted the investment of massage school, …

Who is Maria Toro LMT ???

I am so focused, and goal oriented; every once in awhile, I have to look back, to appreciate, recognize, and value all that I am, going forward. 

For me, 

massage therapy is not only an age old rehabilitation aide providing manual treatment, giving a sense of renewal. 

Massage is life! HEALING is important to me.
and yet, somehow...this tradition of drugless natural healing, is considered alternative.
Alternative to what????
Pain, inflammation
Depressed mood, because you are tired of feeling pain.
TIME to recover from surgeries.
Time to heal the scar tissue after surgeries...
Alternative was sounding really good, and it called my name.
                                             I dove right in!
       Sailing in uncharted seas, off beaten paths, allowing many ways to wellness the journey.

 Honestly, I was captivated instantly, and education continues to hold my attention to the point where I implement a lifestyle
                        of daily rituals into practice of self…

Why Chakra Work Is Included In Whole-Body Health

The more theories a practitioner integrates into their perceptions of healing, the greater the opportunity for generating advanced therapeutic prospects. 
      Understanding of the chakra system adds yet another layer of comprehending a client’s complexities. 
     As a healer, I have found working from the heart chakra during a healing session allows the work I do to be more effective. This enhancement is due to the heart chakra’s role as a point of balance for the entire body, and the safest place in the world. I can show you how to come from this place too!

     WE are all a mini universe, composed of subtle energy layers, meridians streaming out to the heavens, universally. Subtle meaning:"psychological, emotional, mind, non-physical".This subtle body is energy, while the physical body is mass.  Some have suggested about 88,000 chakras throughout the subtle body.
When energy flows freely through balanced and open chakras, health and well-being flourish.        Chakras, from S…

Playfulness with Child-like Splendor

Playfulness: the quality of being light-hearted,  full of fun. Play: Engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.activity engaged in for enjoyment and recreation, especially by children.light and constantly changing movement.
Why did we all want to grow up so fast?
                                 Why did we get so serious?
                                                  When did we stop playing?

    Have you become too serious about everything, and you are no longer having fun? Have you become too ridged?
Does creativity flow from you?
Do you know how to let your hair down?
Are you so focused on the end product, deadlines, bills, taxes, family, relationships, that you forgot about the playful process?

     We have an innate need to experience enjoyable activities, thru a healthy lifestyle. 

Can you remember back to being a kid, what made you happy then?
    Its not so much one activity that you need to do, however, its more in the spirit of p…

Choosing the RIGHT Massage Therapist

Are you recovering  from a traumatic personal injury from an auto accident?
     If you are unaware, because you are new to massage, or new to the area, or if
 you are looking for a massage therapist to provide you with regular scheduled maintenance for your body, that it truly deserves.

    If you require effective treatment, naturally, without drugs, surgeries, or pills...
and without additional recovery time.

Look no further.

      Are you ready to begin a new chapter of self-love, and self-care?

     I am so proud that massage therapy is recognized, and respected as part of healthcare, healing, and wellness.

     Massage has so many benefits, and is a true investment in overall vitality. 
    Everything is wonderful about massage!

It is a benefit to yourself, your family, and your community.
When we take care of ourselves, we are taking care of others. 
                     You begin operating from a full place, of abundance, where you can then give freely, without feeling in a deficit. …

Why You Choose Holistic Healing at Aloha Wellness Spa on Mercer Island

Holistically our health is emotional, physical  mental, chemical, spiritual, and energy. 

      Based on decades of professional experience, I bring a deep personal understanding of the body.

 The intention of bodywork is to create balance, and improve health.
     Disease occurs when elements are out of equilibrium. 
Internal factors include: stress, emotional state, and the foods we consume.

     Massage/bodywork helps release emotional blockages, thus health is improved!

The human body is composed of 4 elements: Earth: Solid, (bone, muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia and organs). Water: liquid,  (blood, lymph, urine, sweat and saliva). Wind: movement (digestion, aspiration, excretion). Fire: heat (metabolism, circulation).

 We live in an ever changing, fast paced world.

     When it comes to your health and wellness; finding  holistic practitioners to trust with your lifestyle is your responsibility....and
YOU will need a TEAM, especially as you age.

      It is preferred if your team is…

HELP With Painful Shin Splints!

I love running. I have been running before high school track, and I still run today.
 I completed two full marathons, Honolulu, and Portland; and dozens of half marathons. 
                                   I enjoy that runner's high!
                                          I enjoy sweating, and the ME time.

     With the enjoyment of this sport, also comes pain, especially if you are not doing IT right.
                                    As in gait, shoes, too much....too soon.

      My first experience of shin splints was in high school. I couldn't believe the pain, and I remember icing my shins during a PE class to reduce my pain, and swelling. I had overdone it with the running, I had become obsessed, and it wasn't in balance at that time. I wasn't in the best pair of shoes for my feet, or my gait. I had added too many miles too soon, and I did NOT understand recovery nor rest, unless I was in debilitating pain. .. and no longer could :(

      *Little did I know then, …