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My Honor To Be Of Service To You, Practice makes EXCELLENT.

I want to lend assistance, and be apart of your healing journey. Be a HELPING and HEALING HAND. Return to BALANCE.  Restore. Rejuvenate.

     Maria Toro has aloha in her spirit, and desires to help her clients get pain free, a better body, and keep improving health over time. Maria established LeGuerisseur Healing Center in May 2001 at age 23 with her first studio on upper Queen Anne hill. In 2015 Maria opened a second Studio on Mercer Island to serve her eastside clients. This is where her transformation of practice, and growth became abundantly clear, and the integration of bodywork was created, a whole new level of experiences in healthcare and wellness. Maria teaches you about self-love and self-care, and it is infused in everything she does.

     Maria created a Private Pilates Fitness Studio, with Pilates group and mat classes, her own innovative Stretchrassage, and Yoga Classes available. Maria gives Medicinal quality, therapeutic grade massages. This is a therapeuti…

Stretchrassage 6AM Class beginning in September

Aloha Ohana,

Just in time for back to school... is a routine of self-care, and self-love, to restore you back to you! 

For my early risers, starting 9/3/2019...

Set your day in positive motion!

Arrive 5-10 minutes before class begins with your mat, and water bottle.

Quietly pick your place, lay your mat down, breathe, and be led thru stretches, with healing touch, positive affirmations, sound healing, and aromatherapy. Services include foot massage and hot towel to feet at end of session.

Leave feeling taller, more flexible in mind and body, with balanced emotions, and reduced stress.

Experience how to begin your day rejuvenated, from a place of a full tank. And see how your whole life improves. 

To register, simply show up, or text Maria at 206 941 8560 as to which class you want to reserve. You can buy a class package at the door with your credit card! to reserve more sessions, or hold a standing spot weekly!

See you on your mat.

Book Maria!!

Maria Toro!

Move Beyond Limitations.

Life is a journey, an unknown pilgrimage of exploring, without maps or charts.

 An inner and outer journey of becoming. 
You create your own reality!

An emergence of wonderment.

Watching, interacting... while the beauty, and joy unfold.

You are unlimited. the school year will begin shortly.

We have promises of new beginnings ahead!

 The veil is lifting, new perspectives, higher vantage viewpoints.
You get what you create!

As you move forward, mindfully, let go of the past, release what no longer serves you, release old stories. Eliminate negative energy.
The moment of power is now!

Observe your state of heart. Step outside boundaries, for expansion of life's greater plan.

Energies and inner lights are shifting.
Blessings of health and freedom from aliments.

Begin mindful daily rituals of self-love.
Become the healthiest, and best version of you.
Redirect self to journey with openness,
to observe,
to evaluate,
to make inquiries.
Correcting mistakes, and reviewing endeavors.

True healing is whe…

Protect Your VIBE!

ALOHA Ohana! Happy Tuesday!

Relationships: (all): SHOULD be a safe space to evolve through life together.

Priorities: You must make choices, that reflect your time and lifestyle. 

Protecting your vibe in relationships looks like this:LOVE the vessel you were given. 
PAMPERING. Treating self. MASSAGE!!!
Eat right.
Physical. Exercise. Move your body! PILATES!
Think right...POSITIVE mindset.
Personal, spending time on hobbies, Pursue your passions.
Give away your gifts.
Emotional: Honoring how you feel. OPEN your heart.
Social: Quality TIME with someone. Be present in every moment.
 Love yourself.
Avoid all gossip and drama.
Let go of things that are not for your highest good.
Have Faith. Spiritual, something good for the soul.
Be Kind. To yourself and others!
Heal all wounds.
HOUSEHOLD: Cleaning and organizing.
Ignore opinions that don't enhance your life.
Stay away from people who drain your energy.
If it feels wrong, don't do it...LISTEn to your intuition, that inner voice.

Sound Healing, DNA Repair.

When your environment, and your body begins vibrating at a lower or an unnatural frequency it can cause illness throughout your body, mind and spirit. In fact, illness often manifests on an energetic level first, and then moves into the physical level.

     It is believed that when your body is in harmony it vibrates at around 62-68Hz, and anything lower than this can contribute to a weakened immune system. Colds and flu’s are believed to start around 58Hz, whereas cancer can appear around 42Hz. Before death takes hold your energy is also believed to dip below 20Hz.

     The Healing I do with ANF Therapy is using frequencies to heal the body. We’re still waiting on modern medicine and science to catch up with what the ancients have known for at least a thousand years.When it comes to frequencies, sound and music,  HEALING exists!
There is a specific frequency that happens to repair DNA and has healing properties: 528 HZ!!!  AND Different frequencies do and broadcast different things.


Focus on HOW, Not WHAT for success!

You get to make choices.

How will you achieve goals?

"How " does "what" you are doing make you feel?

How is important because: 

HOW backs up  YOUR values.
How Backs up your vision.
How creates your mission!

How creates a strategy.
How creates goals.
How is aware and mindful of objectives.

How has helpful tactics.
How has an abundant amount of resources.
How creates infrastructure.

How leads to a process.
How is execution.


How is success!
Find out How, thru Maria J. Toro.
Book Maria!

Devote Yourself To YOURSELF

Devote yourself to yourself.

YOU are the ONE.

YOU are the LOVE of your life.
LOVE is devotion.

Devotion is the supreme method to Disciplined. And devotion,  is this focused faith... a remedy for disease!

Think about it, any strong faith can turn a placebo into an effective medicine, just as much as doubt can render as ineffectual. 

Devote yourself to KNOWING and LOVING yourself.

This begins with Observation. Then understanding, without judgements. 
Beginning from a place of respect.

Know and cultivate self-care, self-love, thru your healing breathe work. Thru your yoga, Pilates or stretching practice. Thru receiving therapeutic structural bodywork, and energetic treatments.

I do this with my clients by taking misalignments and cultivating balance within the human vessel.
Soon every cell will vibrate with LOVE!!!

The happiest, safest place on the planet. LOVE!!!!!


 LIVING, and unity of whole-body, mind... spirit, soul, emotions... while fueling it with loving self care is worthwhil…

TMJ Disfunction and Neck Pain

Spend much time at the dentist or orthodontist growing up... or even recently?

Been in an auto accident? Other neck injuries with Whiplash?

Chances are you have neck and jaw tension, lack of range of motion, clicking, even pain and inflammation, and they are connected.

After nearly 20 years in private practice as a medical massage therapist, and treating thousands of injuries into recovery, I see a direct connection of neck and jaw related issues, even headaches! 
Nothing is separate, its all connected, even if only by shared bony landmarks. 

WE.... as humans are far more than just our vessels.

My take aways are:

If you have experienced the above you need massage to heal the soft tissue.

You need to have a disciplined daily stretching regime.

There is an emotional element, 
you may or may not want to deal with. *Some energy work can just take care of things... without getting into "IT" . 

There is a mental element, 
My best advice here in relation to neck and jaw, (new thinking pattern…


What would happen if you traded your stress for LOVE?

                      SELF LOVE!
Its time to start feeling good about yourself! What good does that stress do you anyway?
Wanna have a bigger impact on others?
The BEST version of you, 
Start taking care of yourself! Just a little bit each day!
Let me show you how!

The natural movements of the world.

Ebb and Flow,

Like the ocean...

like the moon...



Allowing. This is why I love Pilates! A flow, of strengthening, and lengthening muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia! By relaxing the soft tissue, and breathing, we relax whole body!

Nature will run her coarse.  YOU SHOULD...Enjoy the ride!

You must relax.
This time is a gift, and our greatest enemy, we must polish our priorities.


PAY ATTENTION. Do not cling to unhealthy ways.
Rededicate yourself to the journey.

Don't underestimate the power of developing daily rituals, that bring out the healthiest, and best version of you!




If you have been 
"chosen" to be...
 on the receiving end of my massages since the beginning of my practice in 2000, you can attest that my foundation is scientific. Probably ridged. in the beginning. 

After 19.5 years of practice, day in, and day out,

I have observed that:

we are vessels having a human experience. and WAY more is going on than what I learned in a classroom, or in one book. Literally its years of the practice.

In observing :


the truest essence of the soul, at complete health.

I think one of the most magical ingredients known is LOVE.
 The other is our mindset, and so is, faith...or belief.

And in healing,
I can offer you many services, these are my gifts from the divine, and thru many lifetimes. It is my honor to be of service to you.

It is not often I will share struggles or grief,
not because it isn't happening, or hasn't been a challenging road...
quite opposite. If you know the path of the shaman, the healer, then you know the truth. The s…

Sound Healing

I have said many times, "The future of healing is in LIGHT AND FREQUENCY", vibrations.

Sound travels in frequency, as do my ANF Discs/treatments. ANF THERAPY

 Albert Einstein said, "everything in life is vibration".

Music is vibration...

Music has the ability to effect our mood, and emotion.
Music, sound, and frequencies affect us somatically. So I thought to myself, "Maria, why not infuse services mindfully to reduce stress, improve mood, focus, concentration and sleep,  even pain!

Choose wisely!

I have begun to uncover, 
layers to our human vessel.

and in doing so, see our complexities.

A vessel, this body.
 That part is the easiest.

It is the emotions, the traumas, that get stored in the body, the tissues...phyically
and mentally, 
to look at mindset.

Optimistic, positive outlook. 
Our focus is what we get. 
You will never get what you want in life unless you ask for it, and focus mindfully on it.
*Some call this magic.
We all are capable of healing ourselves, and l…

Meditation in Stretchrassage

Our world spins us.
Creating many platforms for throwing us off balance, and outta touch.

What are you not doing for yourself?

Stretchrassage is a tool to bring you back to high vitality in your day to day life. A place to repair, and strengthen energetic field.
Awaken the God/Goddess in you.

Swim is a sea of peace.

We all need a place for rejuvenation. A safe sanctuary to restore tranquility.

I continue to seek ways to take care of self, to express self love.
To allow self to heal.

Reviving balance and harmony.
My intention with Stretchrassage is to create health and wellness. A place where we can give back to self in a positive, mindful way.

A place of quiet.


Stillness thru lack of movement.
Stillness thru lack of sensations.

...stillness and quiet...

into a healing meditation, creating a space, and a time to go within.

We all NEED this, on a primal level.

How do we quiet the mind?
Especially the minds of today, where we receive input instantly, where we never fully unplug, or turn off. 

I u…