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Nutrition and Weight Loss With Maria

Americans spend over $60 million a year to lose weight.


Of those that actually do lose weight, 41% of them gain back their weight and more within 5 years.

This is a tuff fact to swallow!

Why does it seem so hard to lose weight?

....It’s because we think we know how to eat healthy, and diet. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

To be a champion, you must eat like a champion, train like a champion, and act like a champion. 
Champion for yourself! Learn self love. Learn Self care. Connect to self. Balance Self.

    Maria Toro has over 20+ years experience as a holistic and functional bodyworker, who is passionate about coaching people on how to make healthy, and sustainable, lifestyle changes.     Maria has clients across the country, and internationally, as she provides her custom nutritional, and lifestyle consulting services in-person at her office in Mercer Island, as well as via phone, FaceTime, and Skype.      Maria is considered an expert in healing.  With weight los…

Consciousness for Soul Time , Thru Bodywork

    ALOHA Ohana!!!!

Spirit asked me to share today about Consciousness for Soul Time , Thru Bodywork: 

Consciousness supports our ability to focus our attention on multidimensional
aspects that show up. This way, we are able to include these juicy nuggets  in our matter world reality.
 It allows the possibility for a new reality to emerge.  Soul Time embraces the concept  that, while our corporal bodies are mortal,  our magnificent souls are timeless, limitless, and infinite. 
So...why not go exploring, while you are here!!!

Massage allows a quiet time.
A time for you to go places, journey...
unwind, and transform.

A TIME and SPACE, that is just for you.

journeying potentials...
Think daydreaming... going deeper...going within.
...get quiet, to hear...

Go in, and allow the awakening, and listen to the voices at a whisper, announcing news, and sharing insights.

Listen to the divine inner voices, when they arise spontaneously, you are never alone. 

Turn in, to council for guidance. 

Listen w…

Sunrise and Sunset Stretching Class

Aloha friends,

     We are now offering stretching classes that focuses just on stretching!

     A class that everyone needs – athletes, advanced practitioners, weekend warriors, first time yoga students, and everyone in between. 

 Everyone starts somewhere... If you are new to stretching, or looking to get back into a routine, these classes will help with flexibility...and more!

A gentler form of group fitness is emerging here, at our studio. 
A solid dose of stretching feels good for your body.

Our flexibility-focused class promises professional guidance, and group camaraderie on this often neglected component of fitness and wellness.
Exercisers tend to focus on the workout, and neglect the recovery.
Stretching class may also be a good choice for devoted exercisers who have a hard time penciling in rest days.
Stretch classes, are all about setting aside dedicated time to stretch your muscles.The general goal of group stretch classes, is to help you learn, and practice stretching techniques, …

Optional Transition Remembrance

The longest day of the year has come!

Summer Solstice,
                                  and we celebrate!!!

     Shine your light bright...
                light up your bountiful path with blessings today, 
and each day forward, 
               as we move throughout the calendar year.

     It is In our Transition(s)... that we can support our understanding of our every changing nature.
So often we are mindless of the transition...
and it is in this moment...
its how
its grace
it is IT.

And transition with respect to
 Our existence, and our live... and in these moments, 

we must learn to 
SURRENDER the process. 


Allow the transition to occur.

Do this with ease and grace.

Trust the process.

It is a remembrance.
Everything we have gone thru, as our soul, in this beautiful vessel. 
It is thru this remembrance,
we bring valuable information thru...
these are gifts and tools for us to use.


Gracefully with life.

Life begins as a great mystery... 
until we quiet enough …


The frequency of REALIZATION supports the internal process of becoming aware of our heart-centered truths. This also allows and leads us to the external process of becoming our highest expression in this world. 

     Maturity in a heart centered place allows love.
Resonates LOVE.
It hears love. It knows love. It feels love, and it wants to express love.
LOVE. in its most high, pure frequency.

     Romantic LOVE supports our journey to feel whole and complete through the experience and reflection of a conscious lover.

 This is why it is so important to wait, allow a significant pause on this... one must mature, and choose wisely.
One most not go thru humans PRACTICING with hearts. Even the best of humans end up doing this because we get into relationships too early, they damage us, we hurt, and get guarded, and we get into another relationship, and are stuck on repeat....
until we are so damaged and hurt, and empty. This is not how it is meant to be. Take time to heal. Take time to reflec…

Honor Sacred Connection

"I come to you with ancestor wisdom, master of the night. I ask you to SEE situations with perfect clarity, and TRUTH.
Open your ears...
Notice every detail...
TRUTH, is your compass, with your pure motives of transparency. "  I turn my head, and see THE OWL.

...I know I am dreaming, I see you often here!

"I am your protector, I give you courage, and certainty. You may now come and go...stealthy, without being seen or heard.
You are the master of the shadows!!! You know the way, beyond death. It is TIME now, to go beyond the walls that confine you. Toss all cares to the wind.
Release your needs in life, LET GO.
You will be blessed with the right people, and the right situations.

Allow this headdress, I am placing upon you now as you place your sleepy body upon your pillow, and begin to drift deeper into dream realm..."
You are safe.

"I am safe... " I repeat... My Conscious mind knowing good times are on the horizon.  I willingly go forward.

The Owl begins again,…


Make a seven day routine: I plan my week on Sunday!

Meal Planning: Find motivation to prepare/cook each meal... and snack.

Exercise: Get excited about fitness and life!!

Silent Time: Silence is golden... silence gives us the opportunity to focus without distraction, or responsibilities. Mindfully you gain states of calm...reduced tension...get out into nature!

Meditation: Sitting, walking in nature, yoga.. the retreat of going within.

Bedtime: Find routine to prevent disease. Go to bed and get up at the same time each day!

Hydration... Half of your body weight in ounces each day! standard for relaxing muscles, mind, spirit.

SEA SALT BATH!!! Magnesium and potassium...creates instant calm, because you are absorbing the nutrients, and it relaxes muscles! Plus you can exfoliate your skin with the salt too! WIN-WIN.

Stand posture is everything!

Brush and floss your teeth!

Take the stairs....

Mindful Breathing.

Look in the mirror, and tell yourself ho…

Maria's Optimal Method To Calming the Brain

Our world is crazy! I have to tune out to tune into me. Not everyone does this. In my healing center, I see clients day in and day out who are living stress. Some really take it out on their bodies, others, are doing everything they can to manage the stresses, and that is why I am apart of their healthcare. Certainly we need to be eating nutritious foods, high density nutrients. We need to be exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep. This is simply to maintain, repair, and our mood, emotions and cognition are improved. We all need more stress-reducing in our lives...the quiet separation from our third world, trauma, drama...mama!

Here is what I recommend to improve your anti-stress resilience factors:

  Choose an 
activity that makes you feel good
you might need to think back to childhood. 
Be curious, and playful with this. Maybe it is art, or reading, or movies, or... Football with buddies! 
     For me, I like to get out, and walk my dog in nature, next to the lake…

A MUST DO: Evening Energy Cleanse

Indulge in AURIC Cleansing Showers NIGHTLY... 
     The spiritual properties of water doesn't just clear your energy, it removes negative energy, it removes dense, stagnant, and negative energy. Water can also bring you energy! Restorative, creative, healing energy.

     As we are spirits having a human experience,  we naturally, and unknowingly collect negative energies (energy from other people and places) : all day long, and everywhere you go.        I personally, make it a practice to protect, and remove others energy, and negativity before going to bed each night. NO WAY am I going to take that crap with me to bed. How could I possibly obtain a good night's sleep? How could I restore fully?

     We are all aware that showers clean your body. Well, we also have showers you take to clean your aura!!! It is often referred to as a "Psychic Shower", and best taken in the evenings. A psychic shower before bed will help you to deep relaxation, a better night's sleep…