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40 tips For Better Living.

Better Living: 1-Just say NOOOOOOOO to processed foods. = Fake foods! 2-Get in (1) hour of EXERCISE each day. 3- Get in (1) hour of READING each day. 4-Get in MEDITATION each day. Aim for... your age 2x/day! 5-Phyically stretch often throughout the day. As often as you can. 6-Switch from coffee to tea. It is HIGHER VIBRATION. 7-LAUGHTER. May it be our go-to! 8-Get 8 hours of sleep each night. 9-In addition to exercise, walk everyday. This is one of our greatest blessings, be thankful for your legs, and feet, and the ability of mobility. 10-Mental break each day... mindful mental break... 11-Journal. 12-drink more water. 13-Check bank accounts and credit card accounts. 14-Start fresh! Each day is NEW, a DO OVER! 15-PUT DOWN YOUR FUCKING PHONE!!! Be present. 16-CUT BACK ON CONSUMPTION...of everything! 17-DOn't go to the grocery with an empty stomach. 18-Never keep up with the Joneses. 19-Keep healthy snacks/food at home, and at office. 20-Dont skip annual Doctor's office visits.…