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Our Aloha Story:

Maria discovered authentic gratification, resonating relaxation, and soulful healing in Hawaii.  She kept posing the question, 
"How do I bring the leisure of Hawaii home to Mercer Island with me? 
How can I bottle up this deep sense of pleasure, rest, renewal and rejuvenation? 
How can I slow down time?" 
     Hawaii is where Maria goes to heal, maybe you go to the mountains, or Paris? We hope you come to LeGuerisseur Healing Center for the island lifestyle! 
     Allure Magazine named Maria J. Toro, LMT of LeGuerisseur, "BEST MASSAGE IN SEATTLE" .  
      Maria believes that HEALING is the effervescence of Wellness. HEALING needs to be our foundational focus for vitality. Healing IS the journey. HOLISTIC HEALING is infused in everything we do at LeGuerisseur, from therapeutic bodywork, Lomi Lomi massage,  custom Hawaiian infused Malie spa treatments, to our integrated bodywork  in our private Pilates Studio. 
All of our services are infused with ALOHA:

Our Practice

Guidance From The Hawaiian Goddess, On Healing The Self.

"Breathe deeply, you are healing" that inner voice speaking, as I stand on the green sand beach of South Point, Hawaii.
"Venture to mysterious dark places, you are protected. Have no fear, only courage, and certainty. Go beyond these walls that confine. Follow your divine purpose to serve humanity.  Remember that love to self, is love to others."

What needs to be released? 
The question that is on repeat, in my head... during my drive.
  Guidance from the Hawaiian Goddess, on healing the self.
       "I want you to have a higher understanding on how to actively BREAK OLD PATTERNS for optimal health and wellness." She continues,
     "Love yourself first. You are wonderful, and whole, and worthy of love.  You are safe to love. Respect yourself. Honor yourself. LISTEN to what you need."
     I walk from the green sand beach, to the very edge of the ocean, and sit quietly under a tall palm tree. I close my eyes, and go within to hear the messages meant for…


    I have a place inside me that holds significant answers. A place where I "tune in" to my divine... where I relieve guidance, introspection...going inward allows the gift of intuition. Right now is my soul searching introspection on the Big Island of Hawaii. Where I rest. Where I accept my truths. Where I STEP BACK. Where I listen. Where I learn to communicate. Where I learn to give it all back in the form of paying it forward by "talking story", as we do here in Hawaii.
Ho Ľoponopono

     My message from spirit, as I arise out of meditation next to the bay here in Hawaii.       Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal. Our bodies can heal almost anything. The Body Was Designed to Heal Itself. As a healer, Working with the body is an important aspect of healing. Healing happens best when the body is relaxed. We do not heal completely when we are too busy with our daily lives. LIF…


Laying in meditation, I began a vision quest, where I came face to face with spirit, to face fear. Upon awakening, I found a key, and I heard a whisper somewhere in the distance..."This will open a new door. Write a new chapter". I look around, but see no humans.
     OK, I am tuning in, and I am asking for help seeking clarity.
She made me first promise: "I will stop being too busy in life, and commit to spirit". ..and with a louder scolding tone, "Do not miss this call again".

     My Secret Astral Goddess comes offering Mana, supernatural power, to develop higher self. She is showing sacred symbols, to find and restore health, and balance.  She asked me to "imagine a better life for myself"...She pried..."what nutrients do you need? What dreams do you want to awaken? What do you want to bloom? What fruits? what seeds"? What do you REALLY want?" I found myself in the a gentle warm ocean of inter-dimensional travel to highe…

Hey FLY GIRL, Learn By Experience. Take Care Of Self.

Hawaii redefines "taking your breathe away".  A little escape from reality. She captivated me immediately, and profoundly! And Every time I go, I fall deeper in love with her natural wonders designed by the gods. The ocean, and jungle views are as natural here as the gentle breezes, and sandy beaches. Her majestic mountains saturated by dynamic tumbling waterfalls, and dramatic rolling cliffs that are sharply descending into the powerful blue-green salty-sea water,  where underwater caves exist. She has significant lush rainforests, vast gaping canyons, white, green, red, black and gold sandy beaches. And to many visitor's surprise, she has a charming snow capped mountain of Mauna Kea awaiting adventures of exploration. 
     Hawaii's natural wonders, and all inspiringly impressive energetic pull at a healing 19 degrees Latitude, her loving people, with the welcoming aloha spirit, and proud ancient Hawaiian culture held my soul in such a way,  I knew I was HOME.…