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Soul Guidance to vibrate higher in frequency.

Do you have power over your life, or do you feel angry, and resentful because you are giving too much of yourself all of the time?

It is easy to become frustrated, and overwhelmed when we are not listening to our inner voice, and what our needs are.
We need to learn the art of slowing down, and listening, and taking care of our own well being.
Each time we fulfill external obligations, you surrender parts of yourself.

Learn the difference of what is fulfilling, and what is draining. Recognize that some of your behaviors and habits can be altered, so  you  can fulfill your own agenda, meeting your own needs.

It is time to reclaim your life. It is time to be relaxed, and filled with joy and gratitude. Nothing is more important that what your soul came here to experience on this journey on this planet.
Do not allow yourself to become depleted. DO not give away your resources, or energy unconsciously.

Everything is not worthy, and somethings are not supportive of your trajectory.

You must …