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Stretchrassage Benefits

My innovative Stretchrassage class is something everyone needs to do.      For twenty years I have been in the massage and healing industry. 
     This is a 20 year accumulation of many of the continued education classes combined: like Thai massage, sound healing, aromatherapy, meditation and yin yoga incorporated into one experience.
     This class is useful for every human with a body! It is restorative class, a place where you can slow down, unwind, and relax.
    This is a safe place to let go of daily stresses, and just allow the soothing SPACE heal you.
      I see this class as a way to maintain your vessel, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically. 
    Stretchrassage is a good way to let your one on one massage session with Maria Toro last even longer. This is  great maintenance for your body, everybody!

     This class is exclusive, and is limited to the amount of students per class, so each individual gets personalized attention.

         As you are led th…

Heal Traumas, Love Yourself.

When we heal trauma, we heal the nervous system. When we heal the nervous system we heal the emotional body. When we heal the emotional body, we heal the psychic, or empathetic body. When we heal the psychic body, we heal vibration. Once the vibration is healed, realities change![;;l

We must be brave enough to start over. Have courage to chase after dreams! Start over and LOVE yourself the way you were always meant to.

It is time!
FEEL the vibes right now.
Align with truest self.
Let the things, people, relationships, material items that no longer serves you fall away, let go.
Shake things up!
Rebuild a foundation, that serves your truth, your calling, your purpose.
TUNE into you.
Be with your body.
Be aware of the signals your body sends you.

Take separations and change it into oneness.
Longing changes to attraction.
Control changes to faith.
Low self esteem changes to courage, and faith in oneself.
Blaming changes to embracing.
Projecting changes into LOVING oneself.
Living in the p…

Full Moon Intentions.

All aspects of life are sacred.

LIFE is sacred.
     Today is auspicious
            11/11... and we have a full moon upon us!
An intense healing porthole opening, with a heightened ability to see thru the veil into spirit world.
Our intuition is at an all time high. It is time to speak your truth, and allow this new ability to manifest: relationships, wealth, abundance.
               We all get to create a new life, a best life. 
 A whole better version of you.

                     now....   DREAM BIGGGGGGER.

     Updating yourself, also means releasing old programming...LETTING GO!

     When you release, you can experience your wildest dreams.
       Each time I fall, I pick myself upon, and advance again...   This upgrading process is aligning you with highest purpose.
                 Be patient, and kind with yourself.

       ALL the cosmic forces are working on our behalf!
The time is now to form your dreams into reality.
  Fully align your…

Self love. Love yourself, number 1.

Henry Ford once said, "When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it."

     Life often gets dark, before it gets light. You must walk thru the darkness, not side stepping, nor evading. Each of us must have the courage to pass thru solo on this journey. Not all will make it. For those that do, it changes parts of you forever. 

     I don't care who I lose anymore, as long as I don't lose myself again. I have learned, I am not made for everyone. Especially those afraid of the dark!

I Walk away from people who put me down, or draw life out of me. I Walk away from fights that will never be resolved, oftentimes that fight has nothing to do with me. I Walk away from trying to make people see my worth...because they never will. The more I walk away from the toxic, and poisons ...
the more I will find a path of peace.

A path that flows.
Whatever is great for your soul, do THAT.

Protect your space.