Consciousness for Soul Time , Thru Bodywork

      ALOHA Ohana!!!!

Spirit asked me to share today about Consciousness for Soul Time , Thru Bodywork:   

Consciousness supports our ability to focus our attention on multidimensional
aspects that show up. This way, we are able to include these juicy nuggets  in our matter world reality.
 It allows the possibility for a new reality to emerge.  Soul Time embraces the concept  that, while our corporal bodies are mortal,  our magnificent souls are timeless, limitless, and infinite. 
So...why not go exploring, while you are here!!!

Massage allows a quiet time.
A time for you to go places, journey...
unwind, and transform.

A TIME and SPACE, that is just for you.

journeying potentials...
Think daydreaming... going deeper...going within.
...get quiet, to hear...

Go in, and allow the awakening, and listen to the voices at a whisper, announcing news, and sharing insights.

Listen to the divine inner voices, when they arise spontaneously, you are never alone. 

Turn in, to council for guidance. 

Listen with inner senses...
This inner wisdom is always available.

Collective, luminous wisdom of humanity, the stars, and universes...times beyond.

     Massage allows space for breathing, this creates more space. A space to journey inward, and travel to the heart of the sky! Healing energy, soul renewal, body repair, mental gratitude. Revival of heart!

Claim it!
Take great leaps with it.

Unite to alter.



WITH STANDING BI-MONTHLY, or (like Maria, ) WEEKLY appointments.
 This is self love. This is self care. The more you do these actions, the more you are capable of loving others. Earth needs healthy, LOVING humans. Take small actions daily to ensure healthy, loving self...Earth,
We are all connected, &  a oneness.

Do not wait until you cross over, where you have to explain why...

You did not love fully.
You did not forgive completely.
Or you did not dare as greatly, as you may have...


You would have said,


     Embark on a journey of deep self love. It is here you can fully love others.
Forgive yourself and others fully, have no judgements, let it go.
Feel it, bless it, release it!
To ensure your success, 
you must 

Connect with inner guidance.

We will be offering packages for upcoming classes in stretching, stretchrassage, to aid you in this season's, wedding planning, baby arrivals, athletic weekend warriors, and lifestyle wellness.

Come to Kahuna Hale, formerly LeGuerisseur Healing Center, on Mercer Island.
Schedule BODYWORK with Maria at
Book Maria!

Ascend. Do the work, go within. Schedule QUIET TIME AND SPACE at Kahuna Hale. Enjoy this beautiful day, weather...SUMMER!!! Much LOVE. ALOHA.



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