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Sunrise and Sunset Stretching Class

Aloha friends,

     We are now offering stretching classes that focuses just on stretching!

     A class that everyone needs – athletes, advanced practitioners, weekend warriors, first time yoga students, and everyone in between. 

 Everyone starts somewhere...
If you are new to stretching, or looking to get back into a routine, these classes will help with flexibility...and more!

A gentler form of group fitness is emerging here, at our studio. 

A solid dose of stretching feels good for your body.

Our flexibility-focused class promises professional guidance, and group camaraderie on this often neglected component of fitness and wellness.

Exercisers tend to focus on the workout, and neglect the recovery.

Stretching class may also be a good choice for devoted exercisers who have a hard time penciling in rest days.
Stretch classes, are all about setting aside dedicated time to stretch your muscles.The general goal of group stretch classes, is to help you learn, and practice stretching techniques, format, with style.
You can pick between: 
a  foam rolling-focused class,
yoga, Pilates Mat,  
and my personal class inspired by the integration of all of my continued education classes,  including Yin-Yoga, massage, Thai massage, sound healing, aromatherapy, and I named it: Stretchrassage!!!
      These classes emphasize floor postures to stretch, open and release the entire body. 

     Our focus is targeting all major muscle groups through both static stretching (holding a position for a set amount of time) and dynamic stretching (moving through a range of motion that stretches your muscles) and the use of tools like yoga blocks and straps, and foam rollers.

     Tight muscles can cause imbalance and pull the body out of alignment. Our class begins with warm-up movements, that prepare the muscles to for stretching.

Focused stretching allows muscles to relax and lengthen, which puts less strain on the skeletal system and reduces tension throughout the body. Students who take this class regularly report fewer injuries and improved sleep.

     Stretching is like flossing: We need to do it everyday. stretching is something that we all should be doing diligently. Stretching provides benefits in terms of increasing range of motion and mobility.stretching can realistically boost athletic performance or prevent injury Our stretching class often involve hands-on assistance. The benefits include everything from anti-aging to better sex. 

 It is thru assisted stretching you can go further. Our Stretching class is to place a strong emphasis on the more gentle, restorative parts of an exercise program.

These sessions more closely resemble some hybrid of physical therapy, personal training, massage therapy, pilates, and yoga. These sessions are traditional group fitness classes.

Slow down and FLOW. Gentle engage, and open. Fluid movement and breathe. Deep focus, and connection to mind/body.

In fact, it shouldn’t feel like much “work” at all. “Some people abuse themselves by going too hard, With strengthening, you tend to tighten up the muscles, so you really want that mix of strength and flexibility.
 It’s important to remember that these types of classes are meant to be recovery from your other workouts; it’s not a workout in and of itself,”

     We offer smaller class sizes so you can have more personal attention—and less opportunity for self-inflicted injury.

     Make sure to always be mindful of how your body feels with each stretch and avoid comparing yourself to your neighbor.

      Group classes can push most of us to go a little bit harder than we might do solo, which is something to keep in mind when the goal here is actually recovery. Don’t push yourself further into a stretch for the sake of keeping up with the person next to you. When it comes to stretching (and really, exercise in general), what is right for one person is not right for someone else, it’s not one-size-fits-all.

Our stretching class is highly recommended for people who do a lot of weight training, endurance sports, and repetitive motion sports like golf or baseball, that unevenly load the body.

Stretching Class is for first time students. Neither experience nor flexibility are not required, just an open mind and a willingness to have fun while trying something new.

You may schedule group stretching online with Maria J. Toro, at Book stretching with Maria!


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