My Honor To Be Of Service To You, Practice makes EXCELLENT.

I want to lend assistance, and be apart of your healing journey. Be a HELPING and HEALING HAND. 
Return to BALANCE. 


     Maria Toro has aloha in her spirit, and desires to help her clients get pain free, a better body, and keep improving health over time. Maria established LeGuerisseur Healing Center in May 2001 at age 23 with her first studio on upper Queen Anne hill. In 2015 Maria opened a second Studio on Mercer Island to serve her eastside clients. This is where her transformation of practice, and growth became abundantly clear, and the integration of bodywork was created, a whole new level of experiences in healthcare and wellness. Maria teaches you about self-love and self-care, and it is infused in everything she does.

     Maria created a Private Pilates Fitness Studio, with Pilates group and mat classes, her own innovative Stretchrassage, and Yoga Classes available. Maria gives Medicinal quality, therapeutic grade massages. This is a therapeutic bodywork spa, with wellness workshops, and organic Hawaiian enhancements.

    Maria is a true healer, balancing and connecting body, mind and energy, noting that each session will be different and customized for what you present on that day emotionally.

     Maria’s vision for a Holistic Healing Center where Massage Therapy, ANF Therapy, Sound Healing, Energy Healing, Aromatherapy, cupping and many more modalities to heal holistically can be offered, and with easy access from Bellevue or Seattle.

Voted, "BEST IN SEATTLE" by Allure Magazine.
Learn self care by filling your vessel up, so you can give, and LIVE better.
Maria wants to help you, “Be you best self”.
Leave with a heart full of Mahalo.


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