Take Care of Yourself First.

With 19 years of private practice, I have heard it all...

I don't have time for 


...working out,


...I have to take care of my kids...my parents, my employees, my spouse (add anything here) my hair!
...car, airplane, horse!

Believe me, 

You need to receive.


...make it so 
you can give back fully.

You know, 

you heard it before....

Put the oxygen mask on yourself, before you put it on your kids..while flying.

This applies to all of life as well. Especially self-care.

Life has its stressors, challenges, and burdens.
This will never cease.

It is being resilient. and managing...
Finding all the ways that give back o you.
The benefits of massage, working out, like Pilates, and taking care of self are significant.

     Research is even showing that anxiety, depression, and stress are suppressed or eliminate with the the increase of functional supportive lifestyle choices, like receiving massages!
Scheduling regular massages, and regular workouts, eases the body into relaxation, as it knows what to expect, and knows how to deal.

By receiving massages with a standardized protocol, addressing whole body, with moderate pressure,  it will reduce your stress in measurable ways. 

Sometimes 1-3 massages a week could be needed, depending on how much you give.

One thing is clear:
Emotional well being, and perceived stress improves with continued self-care, and 
Allow time for maintenance programs.

Choose you.

Choose to feel good.
High octane!
Be your best self.
Continue to give, and do so from a full place.

Scheduling takes stress away.

Living life in stand by mode is stress filled.

recognize this.

Often times, life will conflict, unless you prioritize your care, and schedule in advance.

going away.
Notice your range of motion increased.

Notice your sleep improving.


Notice the importance of self care, and massage
and Pilates!
And stretching... and meditation !

Take care of yourself.
Start small, 
small changes, create
big impact.

Take care of yourself first.
Don't budget...Make it automatic. It just IS your LIFESTYLE.
Live RICH now, meaning...take care of your vessel. feel good.

 Focus on everything that is working well for you. 
Be mindful of what really matters. 

What kind of vessel do you want to take with you thru life?

Make sure if you are a care giver, that your core values line up with what you are suggesting.
Meaning, if you are a massage therapist, make sure you are receiving regular weekly massages!

Walk the talk.
Your body will not manage itself, if you ignore it, and help other...
believe me...
people notice if you are giving from a full tank, or if you are giving from an empty tank.

Take care of yourself first, and make it automatic...then you will live rich now!
Health is wealth.
Wealth is health.

Match the frequency you want, everything is energy.

Begin with self love. Focus on your vision.

Recognize your worth.

Renew thoughts, create new habits.

A brighter, sweeter, sunnier disposition!

Embrace self love everyday!

The more you give to you,
the more you can give to others!

book Maria Toro!


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