Piriformis, one of six lateral rotators of the hip joint, and is tremendously important.

    In fact,

        One of the most important in the group because it is attached to the sacrum, and its relationship to the sciatic nerve.

     When this muscle gets too tight...

               because of your repetitive lazy, and lousy posture, 
     because of Phyical injury and trauma,

      maybe because when you sit at your desk all day, you probably also cross your legs? 

This becomes a body mechanics issue;
where you begin to structurally change your body thru repetition .
(This example is not in a good way).

      I have worked with sciatic pain expressed up the back, up the stomach, down the front of the legs, down the sides of the legs, down the back of the legs, the tush itself,
and yes...
extending all the way down to the feet.

If your piriformis is tight...

the sciatic nerve can be compressed.

     You will need a healing program, of manual therapeutic massage, maybe cupping, maybe ANF Therapy. 
Definitely stretching, 
perhaps vascular flush,.
The foam roller for fascial issues, and stretching, and self massage.
Education of posture awareness, body mechanics awareness, and overall maintenance will be a lifestyle.

With me, YOU WILL Learn about:
and the continued strengthening of your core, with Pilates.
I will teach you how to 
make soft tissue longer and stronger.
Increase your range of motion!
Have ease in movement with your body.

 This will all come in to focus as we work together on your injuries, needs, and goals.

     I will make it very simple for you to approach a healthy lifestyle.

     Given that the hip has several actions, I can advise on many stretches, depending on what works best for you, and your BODY.

We have many ways to do things!

You should exhale while moving into the stretch. 
Stretching is best accomplished when we are relaxed.

*Connecting to our breathing, and doing so mindfully, facilitates relaxation, and healing.

     And stretching is done best on warm muscles, 
so after working out, 
or after the muscles have been warmed with manual therapy or hot stones, 
or hot tub/bath... 
then begin, and allow the effectiveness of the stretch to occur.

     For muscles to truly lengthen, I recommend holding a stretch upwards of 3-5 minutes. 
This allows the muscle proprioceptors to lengthen with your breath, and time. 
No bouncing, just a simple meeting at place of tension, and going in slowly, allowing the release, and staying with it.

Make it a habit.

See how we are more than our bodies?
See how stress and relaxation effect us on many levels:
mental, Phyical, emotional, spiritually?
Become connected to yourself, know yourself.
Love yourself.
Take care of yourself.
Book Maria Toro!


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