Every BODY Deserves a WEEKLY Massage.

     Recognize preventive care like Massage Therapy, Pilates, Stretching, Positive Mindset, emotional health, Meditation, sound healing, aromatherapy, ANF Therapy as health care, and NOT A LUXURY.

Amazing things begin to unfold in your life, the more you take care of yourself.


     When you take care of yourself, it not only feels really good, and usually immediately, often times with effects having lasting results on mood and physical body.

     When you take care of yourself, you are showing others you are capable of taking care of them... business... life!

Everything ripples outward, and finds its way back vibrationally. 

See how taking care of yourself helps your community?
See how taking care of yourself helps Mother Earth.
See how taking care of yourself helps not only yourself, your neighbors, your relationships, your choices...
taking care of yourself could change the results of 2019 elections!
(stay with me).

     The more you express self-care, and self-love...
the more your vitality increases outwardly, energetically impacting all of those you come into contact with, and they take that energy with them, and share that with others... 
a cycle!

    If you take the stresses of life.
Compound that with time, and perhaps injuries, 
and the need to be interactive in society...
with manners, etiquette, and the like...

                                     Sometimes THAT can be draining.

Think of a box holding sand.
Think of each stress, injury and upset and... act of service causing HOLES in this box.
The sand begins to escape out of the box.
You must keep the sand in the box.
You keep the sand in the box by filling it up repetitively with loving self-care acts.
     Massage, eating well, getting enough sleep, Paying attention to the energy you hang out with, Environments, and doing the things that nourish your soul. 
DO what works for you.

     For me, I run, I ride my Peloton. I do Pilates 4-6 times per week, I meditate, a receive massage, I have tea ceremonies, I take my dog for a walk on the beach, I rest, I take epsom salt baths, I garden, I create art. Sometimes I say "NO" to going out.
*I have a huge list of things that I do, that spark joy in my life. I do these things as often as possible, in fact, I have built a life around this list.

     I encourage you to make a list of things that light you up! A list that sets your soul on fire! We all should LIVE a LIFE full of passion.

    You deserve a weekly massage. You are allowed to enjoy this life, and your BODY.
You are meant to thrive. You are meant to be pain free.

Explore bodywork, and self-care, self-love... because you deserve more.

Embody loving kindness, and practice mindful presence.

Learn to RELAX.

Obtain more, by doing less.
Transform your sacred vessel. 
Allow weekly massages to become your style.

     Rewarding your physical body, with the regular maintenance required along the way saves you in the long run.
Weekly Pilates, Bodywork, massages now, 
is planning for what comes tomorrow.

     Integrating bodywork into "wellness packages" seemed the natural progression of completion for whole-BODY health as to what I can offer in services.

     To integrate is to restore, to renew, to make whole, or to finish...complete. To Balance, bringing about UNITY.

     Bodywork differs with me because of the 19 plus years of private practice, the continued education, the continued receiving of treatments for over 30 years as needed to heal from various aliments led me to how I practice wellness, and how I approach health, and healing today.

Attention to detail.
Senses plugged in with  intuitive-skilled techniques.

     Achieving asymmetrical completeness in anatomical structures. Balancing and competing the WHOLE-BODY...holistically.

     The "Wellness Packages" were a way for me to communicate how the work I offer, is different from the average massage therapist. It is more than the average pilates instructor, or personal trainer. It is more, because it is MORE...it is encompassing that, and nearly 20 years in a busy practice.

Allow me to share my mastery with you. The sacred healing arts of integrated bodywork via my "Wellness Packages."

Allow these rituals to become apart of your healthcare.

You deserve wellness.

You deserve health.
You deserve weekly massages!

Achieve a sense of overall balance, and adaptability to life's stressors.

     Prevent discomfort by integrating your massages with pilates and stretching! Incorporate new awareness and changes from the session or series
into actual interactions of daily life!
LEARN that:
Caring for yourself, is taking that experience, and plugging it into every other aspect of your life.
Caring for yourself, continuing the work of the session at home with homework, 
it is sharing with your friends and family 
how you take care of you.

So they can do better too. Once you know better, you do better.

And this my friends, 
is how you take your power back.

...and maybe 
just maybe...
this is how our nation, interconnected, heals.

IN the words of the great Martin Luther King Jr. , "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

Begin today with self love.

You deserve it.

Wellness packages with Maria!


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