I have a place inside me that holds significant answers. A place where I "tune in" to my divine... where I relieve guidance, introspection...going inward allows the gift of intuition. Right now is my soul searching introspection on the Big Island of Hawaii. Where I rest. Where I accept my truths. Where I STEP BACK. Where I listen. Where I learn to communicate. Where I learn to give it all back in the form of paying it forward by "talking story", as we do here in Hawaii.



     My message from spirit, as I arise out of meditation next to the bay here in Hawaii. 
     Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal. Our bodies can heal almost anything. The Body Was Designed to Heal Itself. As a healer, Working with the body is an important aspect of healing. Healing happens best when the body is relaxed. We do not heal completely when we are too busy with our daily lives. LIFE IS BUSY, AND LIFE THROWS US OFF BALANCE. WE MUST COME BACK TO OUR....SELF, AND HEAL, AND LOVE SELF. WE MUST LISTEN WHEN THE VOLUME IS LOW. We must listen. 

“The good physician treats the disease;
the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” 
– William Osler

     We are all one. An interconnectedness, unification, of races, and species, even this sand my body is resting upon, I am one with. We are all connected, evolving with the cycles of life. 

     When spirit speaks to me, part of my contract, is to share it with the greater, for the greater...my love, my service, my value.

Hawaii called this time so I could let go of the old.
I am...
dying an old form,
being born anew!

She sings to me, "STAY THE COARSE"
I will continue to share with you:

     I have sen myself transform over the 20 years of practice. Change, evolution...integrating, growth, opportunity, expansion...on so many levels. 
Understanding as I step away, the disease fear instills. The way our regrets can void our soul of pleasures. It is impossible to go back in time, so you must forgive.

Working with clients, I have noticed those who exhibit symptoms of emotional distress, and those that self-sabotage, because of...PTSD.
I see stress everywhere, it is encompassing.
Coupled with the self shadow...
...PAY ATTENTION. If you have stress, irritability, sadness, feeling "stuck,"these are the first stages of developing potentially serious issues. These emotions and trauma store within us. Do not hold onto this darkness, you must be transparent, be brave, you must LET GO.

Seek self-love, self-care. The answer is here.

Remember to  DANCE!

Life is a journey. Life is full of adventure! and HEALING MIND, BODY & SPIRIT...


RECOVER YOUR DEEPEST SELF is your journey, your adventure! 


 The truth is, we should heal when we sleep. Does anyone sleep anymore? We are rewarded in society for working ALL THE TIME. If our sleep patterns are disturbed in any way, our body doesn’t recover. Instead our life force energy becomes more depleted. There are 50 to 75 trillion cells in a human's body, and the nervous system controls is the master control system of them all. Sleep also causes the body to release hormones that can slow breathing, and relax other muscles in the body. This process can reduce inflammation and assist with healing. Inflammation is our silent killer. Inflammation causes pain. PAY ATTENTION my sweet Humans!!!

To Recover, and resolve... takes work, and you need energy to work. When I first began my practice as a massage therapist, my foundation was so scientific, I thought energy work was hocus pocus! In fact, it took me nearly 7 years into my practice to begin paying attention, having curiosity, and learning with formal education, and spirit lessons.
     Back to rest....It is best to let your body keep everything in proper alignment with a good night's rest. The next step to healing is to induce a state of relaxation. “The relaxation response is a physical state of deep rest that changes the physical and emotional responses to stress …
and the opposite of the fight or flight response.” We all need more relaxation .   Make REST a priority.

From the beaches of Hawaii in meditation, I was summoned to the holy mountain, where the goddess Pele resides, for a sacred pilgrimage, to acquire vision and perspective. She asked for me to stop at the sacred alter along the way to make an offering where others before have done so. She asked me to pray here. "to let go of my past. Let the winds carry your worry... regrets... bad programming, let all of that go now." 
She asked me "to make a commitment  to walk with COURAGE. Walk with LOVE, walk with COMPASSION. If you do this, I will give you clarity of all. I will be another who can remove obstacles from your path."
 "You must walk." 

When I looked up from prayer, all I could see was a beautiful view. 

"Remembering the goddesses that resides inside of you..." she whispers in my ear, as I turn my back, and walk away.

     It is amazing, When the body is relaxed. We know it moves into the parasympathetic nervous system. My quality time in nature with the Volcano, and the ocean... and actually having TIME to myself... released such a renewed sense of well being. 

“healing, therefore, involves a dramatic cure process of nature, healers have connected with the divine power of “Universal Life Force Energy” (the energy that flows within all living things) . “As long as we are not living in harmony with nature…., Universal Life Force Energy will clear the chakras, allowing the energy to flow freely, facilitating the body’s natural balance. 
we cannot expect ourselves to be really healed…..” – David Frawley, Ayurvedic Maestro

     "Maria, a journey to the inner you ... IS HEALING MIND, BODY & SPIRIT.
Grounding and Centering is a must. Find a quiet place. 
GO within." I find a place to sit in meditation near the volcano's crater.

"You will be Influenced by sacred Hawai’i island culture, and THE ART OF SLOWING DOWN.

You will Collect the beauty of nature. You will slow down Maria." 
Maria, you are safe, and it is safe to slow down. I give you permission to be board."

I laugh outlaid, and say to myself, ...what is board?

She continues to communicate, " Vegetarian most of the time is great, Learn to gather the bounty of seeds, nuts, berries, rots, vegetables. Become a gardener. Take care of your vessel."

“…one of the vital differences between a good healer and a great healer is that a great healer guides you back to your own innate ability to heal and ultimately encourages your independence…..
This eventually makes the healer unnecessary. But for a healer, this is the price of greatness!”
– Anita Moorjani

     One of my greatest goals is to educate humans on their own bodies, so they are empowered, always. I Really wish and desire that this began in elementary school. It would serve us well.  Make educated and informed decisions to promote your body’s natural healing process, and activate your body’s own inner healer, to maximize your body’s healing potential! 
REMEMBER...You have, and you are everything you need, 

“Every patient carries his or her own doctor inside.”
– Albert Schweitzer

     "Maria, Look at what you already have now...You have abundance! You are ready for harvest. 
Don't search for spirit. they have already proceeded. You have everything you need right now. Be thankful.
Practice sharing.
...in all forms.
reflect on your desires and dreams... and "as you drive, let me give you a view of the world..."
First my dear Maria, You must acknowledge and understand the blessings, the lessons, that have lead you here. Be thankful. If you follow thru with this creative endeavor, I will grant you the gift of freedom."

     I open my eyes and gaze down at my hands. My hands on healing is a powerful complementary healing tool, and many can attest to this with 20 years in private practice. Many have come with me on a journey of relaxation, where we allow the body to begin its own healing. This is why massage and bodywork...energy work are so vital. The body’s ability to heal from within, followed by your intuition is Natural health and wellness! And massage is one of the oldest forms of medicine ever practiced, this is hands-on healing, and its dating back to the Egyptians, this is a beautiful sacred healing art.

"Take care of your own bones...." PELE reminds me, as I am driving away. Bones in Hawaiian culture are HIGHLY sacred. "Do for your own bones Maria" 

"YES you heard me, take care of your own interests. Please be mindful of your exposure...and talking unnecessarily to people. You require privacy, space for perspective...and so that you can listen to communicate."

     I can do this the writing, and share to multiple humans at once, with lessoning my exposure!!!
So here goes, 
My free gift to you:

YOU MUST: Take responsibility.  

I am here to help you Empower yourself on your Journey to the Center of You. 
Nourishment...in all forms is for  Optimal health . 

     Holistic Health means to be happy in all areas of life. Dealing with fear, pain, anger and pride is a big part of holistic healing. The way I communicate mind/body/energy/spirit, is combined with a holistic approach. My intention is your highest good. I'd love to help you cultivate optimal health. I would love to educate, and empower you. 
The more you find
 Valuing vitality, joy, and deep understanding of your own well being,  shifts the world around you.

    As I made my way around the bend, the most magnificent double rainbow. The colors artist are inspired, and motivated by. 

And Pele lovingly shares, "The rainbow of heaven is your name. It is a route taken by the gods from the upper to the lower worlds. Go with your ancestors to these realms, it is here you will receive messages of spirit, remember your wisdom, and you will give service of transformation!" 

The fragrance of tuberose held in the thick exotic humid air. I felt elevated, light...BRIGHT. I was stepping back into my shiny self, my GLOW GIRL returning! I felt my shadow side transformed by the rainbow... unafraid to illuminate the shadow in self.
and I was left with the question of the day..................................................................................................................
  What keeps me from living fully?

I still am with this question...

and I have had to learn over and over again, fear is not real.

Endings and beginnings... are the most challenging parts... getting started, and letting go.

     One must challenge fear. Do not accept the artificial symbols of doubt. Remember your light. It is durning the stormy times, you can shine BRIGHT.
I see the end of the rainbow, and I hear the lyrics to a song on the radio, "The pot of gold will find you"
And I smile so big...

24K. And I found the place inside myself with the answers here.

 May you find new ways too! Embrace the guidance, and enlightenment.To schedule a healing session with Maria J. Toro, on Mercer Island, Washington, you may do so at Leguerisseur Healing Center.  I hope you choose to allow the union toward healing. New working, New thinking, New reality, New loving, New being!!!!!
We can reconnect with your emotions, and encircle the unfamiliar.  I encourage you to take pleasure in the wisdom of your own soul. 

    Love, respect, honor your inner child. Listen to what you need. CLING to...the precious Time we have, and use it for PLAY! Yes, remember to PLAY. NO boundaries. Love unconditionally. May you be guided on a journey of blessings that grounds you to the planet, and may the universe provide an awareness of  support, flow, abundance, health and love. 
Live LOVE...
live with wholeness,
 and live in healed harmony. 
Let this be the establishment to new realities, creations, and health. Accept the support and synergy of your guides., as something new is on your horizon, with this new awareness, this new perspectives. It is your time, and your new phase in life.
Be well.



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