Hey FLY GIRL, Learn By Experience. Take Care Of Self.

      Hawaii redefines "taking your breathe away".  A little escape from reality. She captivated me immediately, and profoundly! And Every time I go, I fall deeper in love with her natural wonders designed by the gods. The ocean, and jungle views are as natural here as the gentle breezes, and sandy beaches. Her majestic mountains saturated by dynamic tumbling waterfalls, and dramatic rolling cliffs that are sharply descending into the powerful blue-green salty-sea water,  where underwater caves exist. She has significant lush rainforests, vast gaping canyons, white, green, red, black and gold sandy beaches. And to many visitor's surprise, she has a charming snow capped mountain of Mauna Kea awaiting adventures of exploration. 
     Hawaii's natural wonders, and all inspiringly impressive energetic pull at a healing 19 degrees Latitude, her loving people, with the welcoming aloha spirit, and proud ancient Hawaiian culture held my soul in such a way,  I knew I was HOME.  A little little "whoo-whooo" : Hawaii is located on the 19.47 Degree Latitude. Some say it's a Power Grid on Planet Earth.  According to some scientist , "on Every Planets gridline of 19.47 there are power points like Jupiters swirling vortex of the Big Red Spot, on Venus there are active Volcanoes, and on the Big Island of Hawaii we have Kilauea the most Active Volcano.  According to ancient Hawaiians  this is known as “The Pathway to the God,” a place to come to periodically  rest, and revitalization. This 19.47 Latitude line runs across the island, and offers magnetic powers, possibly due to the live iron elements coming out of the Earth here.  Because of that, we can see that our Thoughts, Feelings, Actions. Our Karma is  magnified, and the motto  what "Goes around, comes around" is much quicker in terms of manifesting". According to sacred geometry, a pre-disposition for inter-dimensional experience occurs at this vibrant location, and creates a 'portal' or ‘star gate.'Prayers and intentions made here are therefore broad-cast into the world and beyond. 
     I was told by a wise elder, that those who come to Hawaii to visit, they either say they are either having a beautiful experience, or not.  Those that are enjoying themselves, and are having a beautiful experience, are said to have hearts are as pure as the islands themselves...and to those hearts, the island welcomes you with open arms every time.

     Hawaiian tradition says four healers from Tahiti traveled to Waikiki around 400 AD, and became renowned throughout the island for their abilities. Not planning to stay long, the men transferred their spiritual energy into four separate stones so that their healing powers could remain in their absence. Lost for decades, the sacred relics were uncovered in 1958 after a bowling alley was demolished, Many healers are still drawn to the islands because of these intense healings, and continued teachings the islands generously and graciously provide. 

     Hawaii never ceases to seduce me with each healing visit. She infuses the concept of well-being throughout the entire  journey, "E Malama Kou Kino" ...care for your body. "Make taking care of yourself a priority" she explains, " a seamless sea of holistic healing,  Love your skin, Love your body and love your hair with every part of these daily rituals....let me show you.... what its like,  to go to a land of nourishing retreats in private tropical sanctuaries, that embraces the aloha spirit. "Let me show you how to take care of your body."

Downloading vacation-like rituals, transcends and transforms me into an unforgettable Hawaiian awakening.

I continuously come back to  this treasured resource, creating pono, or balance, in my life. Harnessing the ingredients of nature, thru a portal in time, where the aura is restored, and the spirit is renewed. As I float from the clouds... to the sounds of the ocean. ... riding a wave of ukulele cords into Hawaii, providing a peaceful tropical retreat for holistic health, and wellness self healing and rejuvenation.  A deeply authentic experience that inspires physical, spiritual and mental well-being. 

     "ALOHA!!! ...And to learn by experience... What you give to others will be given back to you. "
Hawaii whispers to me...

     Allow vulnerability, take care of self.  Do your best. Explore alternatives. Question everything with curiosity of youth. We all have the ability to make choices, and learn from them. No need to prove self. Accept responcibility for self. Continue on journey with confidence and compassion. No certain answers. Accept unknown in order to step into full potential. Submerse self in unknown...the ebb and flow, like the ocean, and the moon.  Abandon security constraining schedules, ride the rainbow of risk. In order for something to grow, it needs nurturing. Begin with nurturing the self. FEEL. Get in touch with your creative and intuitive nature....new growth! NEW LIFE!!!

     This totality of experience is to serve our highest purpose. This supports our frequency to use our consciousness to traverse into other layers of reality and dimensions. Karmic inheritance, radiant manifestor...flower of life, harmonizing the body and mind. Supporting our capacity to love deeply, unconditionally. We bring the hands together at the heart chakra to increase the flow of Divine love. Become aware of your heart centered truth, to become our highest expression in the world. Be the divine mediator between galactic and earth, spirit and matter, be the direct source of love flowing into the world. Delight in the ability to create experiences of joy, the more we feel, the more we can evoke in others. "I bow to the divine in you" "The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you" 

     In Hawaii, Ho’omana means "to empower". In a land where, Queens empower Queens...and in my fortress,  HIGH VIBRATIONAL  IS my LIFESTYLE.  It begins with self.  Showing up for self with wellness lifestyle habits, rituals of AWARENESS... mystical MINDFULNESS, for the illuminated moon child. 
And Hawaii whispers, 


Mahalo ma la ma, Thank you for taking care of yourself." 
And with a large smile, warm giggle...she concludes,
"Hey FLY GIRL, Learn By Experience. Take Care Of Self."

 "I wish you happiness".

to schedule an appointment with the Queen of Self CARE.... Maria J. Toro, you may do so at leguerisseurhealingcenter.comhttps://square.site/appointments/book/2HWKV61409Y22/leguerissuer-mercer-island-mercer-island-wa


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