Wellness Goals

     If you experience pain, wellness goals should be in the forefront of your thoughts. Adhering to massage, pilates, stretching, ANF Therapy, Fire cupping, my own innovative: Stretchrassage, and meditation programs from injury to prevention is a lifestyle choice.

Just because you come in for an injury doesn't mean your treatments stop when your pain goes away.

     Don't you think for just a moment, that you doing nothing, and the pain were related? And if you were to implement a lifestyle based on health and wellness, and feeling great, high vitality... You can significantly reduce and prevent further pains.

     The effects of bodywork on reducing stress are scientifically proven. I have been regularly receiving massages since I was 17. With all of my continued education, massage still excites me when motivating clients to take care of their bodies. 
Reducing functional limitations holistically is what I do best.
     Health is defined by the absence of disease. Well being is defined by mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, energetically, economical health. Components to measure include: happiness, optimism, hopeful, and calm.

     My clients always ask me, how often they should come in. I begin with: 
LISTEN to your body, it is talking to you all the time.
Are you able to do the activities you want to?
How is your body performing?
How is your body recovering?
Are you experiencing pain?
DO you have full range of motion?
Are you connecting with people?

To set a goal, we need  measuring components to track progress.

The mood is an easy thing to measure!

Identifying STRESS, and stress related issues.
Routine stressors can include daily responsibilities like relationships, money, and work. *Stress has been known to cause physical and mental health risks, because stress impacts impacts health in a tangible way.


     One of the reasons I LOVE MASSAGE to reduce stress.

     Massage is beyond recovering quickly from injuries. It puts us in touch with our bodies, our vessels in this life.

Massage puts us in touch with our breath. When and if we hold our breath, and if it is shallow. Breathing is life force, and stress reducing.


     IF you have chronic injuries, you will need an ongoing wellness program to stick with for your lifetime to manage pain and symptoms, and further reduce risks and limitations to potential exacerbations or reoccurrence.

I want you to maintain pain free.

     When I listen to my body, it asks for massage 1-2X/week.
To avoid injury, I know that 2-3 weeks is as long as I can go without receiving bodywork. This is what I have come to know about the truth of myself, and self-care, and honoring my body, my temple.

     I encourage you to maintain pain free, by scheduling standing  bimonthly, or monthly massages, bodywork.
I encourage you to move your body. 
I offer Pilates, Stretchrassage classes to help you. 

Setting daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals is a huge deal in preventive healthcare and wellness.

     Receiving regular maintenance  for the body results in dramatic improvements in health and wellness.

   Improving physical conditions related to pain, or previous pain.

   Increased ability to relax.

                 Increased body awareness.

Increased connection to MIND. BODY. SPIRIT. ENERGY.

      Increased sense of control over healthcare.

             Positive changes in emotional state!

      Yes massage detoxifies system, thru increased circulation, and the lymph systems, and yes massage elevates endorphins, which leaves you feeling extra wonderful!
     Yes these are cumulative, so sticking to a programs matters.

     Although most of my clients find me while they are in a heightened state of pain, I never want them going back to how they initially walked in the door.
 This is why wellness goals, and a wellness program need to be apart of your lifestyle, now.
and not an afterthought...
and not after your doctor has diagnosed you with a disease...
Be preventative in taking care of your health, by doing little rituals of self-care, and self-love daily.

I love my awareness around posture.
My increased ability to sleep soundly.
Noticing when stress begins, rather than dealing with the aftermath of it...
Massage increases self esteem, which increases our ability to make better choices for ourselves: like eating habits, and exercise activities.

Progress has always been my motivation. 
Progress allows me to commit to ongoing care, especially when I enjoy the activity.
Strive for JOY in all things.

Massage not only can leave you hopeful for feeling better, the impact on our health, and wellness is measurable!!!
Range of motion.
Palpation findings.

Massage makes progress real.
Pilates makes progress real.
Stretchrassage makes progress real.
Meditation makes progress real.

Taking care of self makes progress real; and the responsibility is very much in your own hands. It always is.


Ongoing care: 

Plan out a series of sessions to engage commitment to your health.

Identify your goals for wellness.

List your potential blocks and triggers.

Identify techniques, and supportive goals to remove your blocks ahead of time.

What are you willing to commit to? HONESTLY.

Homework between sessions is practicing self-care, and self-love, it is is education!

Celebrate all accomplishments.

Achieving GOALS makes us happy!
Feeling great makes us happy.
A lifestyle of movement, and being pain free makes us happy!

Live a life full of VITALITY.

     I want my impact to be profound in healing holistically when our paths cross. I want you to know I care, thru my touch, kindness, listening, and communicating skills. It is my privileged to be of service, and my sincere wish is that I have positively affected you as healthy well.

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