Three benefits of ANF

    Amino Neuro Frequency therapy is one the best therapeutic and HOLISTIC modalities for treating pain and inflammation, and for normalizing several medical problems like fibromyalgia.

With ANF therapy, you don’t need to take drugs or undergo any surgery. 

the ANF discs are  CE/TGA registered Medical Class I, and FDA licensed.
The medical discs are applied on the skin, and remain for 72 hours.
The discs  don’t contain any chemical or organic substances. Rather a 20 % composite metal created by originally by NASA. 

With ANF you get three benefits:

ANF therapy, you are guaranteed of getting your pain reduced by 50% in as little as 5-15 minutes. This therapy works remarkably by treating the main source of your pains. By using ANF discs to correct damaged or broken nerves signals which are the main causes of pains in your body, ANF therapy helps your body system to heal itself naturally.


ANF discs will be placed on those regions of your body that are affected by the stress. This is to correct the weak or damaged nerve frequencies, which are the main cause of your stress, and to normalize any inflamed tissue.


The main reason why we fall sick is that our immune system is weak. And when the immune system is not strong enough to fight bacteria and other foreign organisms, the nerve frequencies become weak too. The effect is that the body system cannot function properly, thus making you to become susceptible to diseases.

One of my favorites is the ANF discs known as Glutathione Antioxidants! This disc simultaneously releases a frequency that stimulates the body’s most important antioxidant and correct damaged or poor frequencies in your body, thus making your immune system very active again to fight diseases.

To schedule healing session of ANF THERAPY you may do so on Mercer Island 
at Leguerisseur Healing Center
with Maria J Toro.


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