The Dreadful "Tennis Elbow"

     I have been blessed with a wonderful cliental, of adventurers, athletes, the retired radicals, busy stay at home moms, and the day to day worker bees.

     What these BODIES present to me are challenges of repetition, and the injuries that occur. 
Doing anything over, and over, and over... takes its toll.

     Massage and performance go together like peanut butter and jelly! 
     Understanding the need for recovery, and repair...should be part of your forward thinking, as an athlete participating in sports. 

     Recovery should also be on your mind if you are a human, and you are alive and breathing. 

     What I mean by this is, 
                               life is stressful, in and of itself. 
     Just to be alive, we need to learn to take care of our vessels, and do so with the thought of, is this restorative, rejuvenating, repairing to my body, mind, spirit, energy, and emotions. 

    Whether you are eager to excel, or not performing at all, the repetitively, overuse leads to
  Lateral Epicondylitis, also known as 
Tennis Elbow.

....And if you have experienced Tennis Elbow, you know why I refer to it as Dreadful. ;)

    Oddly enough, you don't have to be playing tennis to be diagnosed with tennis elbow, only 5% actually get it from playing tennis; you can be doing anything repetitively, like my hairdressers, servers, mechanics, even some of my desk jockeys...clicking away at the mouse. 
...And y'all run the risk, if you do things in a repeating fashion.

     *I used to have the most wonderful black standard poodle for 14 fabulous years, who was obsessed with the tennis ball. I would toss it, she would retrieve it, and that was our game of tennis. I certainly know, and appreciate the dedication required going after that lime green ball.

    (As far as my tennis players here on Mercer Island, TENNIS ELBOW is a REAL THING).  *Mercer Island takes its TENNIS very SERIOUSLY; competitively even.

     The lateral Epicondylitis affects the most common wrist extensor tendons near the elbow. Carpi radialis, brevis, extensor digitorum, digiti minimi, and carpi ulnaris. It is possibly because the greatest load goes to this portion of the tendon, combined with its anatomical arrangement, that likely are the cause of why these tendons specifically are effected more than others. We do know that repetitive overuse for long periods of gripping objects, or movements that include forever supination, eccentric loading on the wrist extensors are primary causes.
 If you are obsessed with the lime green ball...I can help!
     Lateral Epicondylitis name would indicate inflammation because of the suffix, "ITIS". Here is the thing, studies now are suggesting it is collagen degeneration within the tendon, and science still doesn't  have an understanding as to why the degeneration occurs. I have a few hypothesis myself, and I will save these for you in person.

       I have a client that isn't playing tennis at all right now because of the burden of this condition.    As you can imagine, even this changes one's life drastically, and effects all areas of your life; like mood, emotions, going beyond the physical pains, and limitations.     I have had clients lose productivity at work, with lost or diminished wages because of long periods of pain, and lack of range of motion, or use. All of which affects overall emotional and mental health of the individual, and those around that person.

REMEMBER we all are connected.

     If you are experiencing: loss of grip, pain around lateral aspect of your elbow, and down into the forearm, A dull ache, or throbbing pain affecting the wrist and elbow, massage can help you too! EXPERIENCE the gold standard in healing!


Be prepared to commit to your health, and wellness.
     This is my way of transparently asking you to step up, and take responsibility for your health. 
Recognize that: YOU ARE HIGH MAINTENANCE. This is part of being a human! If we take our car into the mechanic regularly, why would you not take your body to the massage therapist regularly?!!

                     You didn't get this injury overnight, it will take time to work thru. 
You will need to be patient with yourself. This might be your lesson! 
       Oftentimes it takes coming in 2-3x/week for 2-4 weeks, depending on the person and injury. You need to know this ahead of time, to be willing to take responsibility  for your wellbeing. You will most likely be given homework, continued self-care at home, in between sessions. This should become apart of your lifestyle, it is just what you do to take care of your body from here on out.
Once you know better, you DO BETTER.

    With the cross fiber friction, deep tissue, active release, and lymphatic drainage techniques used during treatment, muscles are unlocked from one another, scar tissue is broken down, muscle fibers are realigned, and the body's toxins and waste is then manually shlepped into the lymph system,  and our perfect body will automatically  "dispose" of the...yuk.

    Some research is suggesting that with friction massage, some degree of fibroblast proliferation results as the pressures and movements from massage, which encourages rebuilding of the damaged collagen within the tissue structure! How brilliant is this?!!!

      Furthermore, massage treatment is extremely effective if you are experiencing the debilitating condition, because  massage is an ideal intervention, especially when caught, and treated early on. I had great success halting the progression of the condition, and reversing it!

    To schedule, and experience the exclusive rewards of healing, and to protect your body from further injuries; you may do so with Maria!

 Book Maria Toro!!

      Please consider massage integration for your healing routine. 
Stop your pain cycle.
 Get your use, and mobility back. 

Experience the sacred mastery powers of skilled, gifted, and intuitive hands on healing.

Balancing physical bodywork, with the whole-BODY, holistically.

...Because you are a whole person.
and because you deserve to feel unstoppable freedom, and pain free in your body. 


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