Hippocrates said, 
                      "Before you heal someone, ask him if he is willing to give up things that made him sick."

...Maybe you are heartsick over a breakup, or just making unhealthy repetitive choices because you are lonely.

and health go hand in hand.

Think about this for a second:

We don't usually miss people, we miss they way they made us feel.
Maybe they encouraged us to feel strong, loved, attractive or safe.
If this is true, consider

Figuring out ways or activities you can give yourself.

So when somebody walks away...

They don't seemingly take anything away from you.

This is in friendships, romantic relationships, work relationships, everything  is connected.
 How we take care of ourselves, is how we take care of the world.

*I hope you are as high maintenance as me ;)

...That moment 
When... the wave realizes IT IS the ocean.

TO begin the journey of healing, and heart set...mindset, whole body integrated health.
I go to
heart chakra healing, first. Connect the heart, and you are in the safest place in the world.
can begin with:

going within.


And self care.
Self love. 

     Are you giving too much of yourself away? Do you feel under pressure? Are you frustrated easily? Experience road rage???? Are you depressed or suffer from anxiety????

going within.


And self care.
Self love. 

     Being mature, and responsible enough to understand, It is not always the other person...
in relationships,
it is that shadow in the mirror staring back at you!

     Each of us has toxic traits, its our glorified human right of passage!
We are put here to learn lessons, and evolve spiritually.

       Gain tremendous insight about yourself, 

      as you journey thru Earth, integrating your heart in the process, to ensure an emotionally rich life...

     Sometimes it is going back into past to accept, and release old wounds, old programming...forgiving.

Forgive yourself first.

     Start the journey work on your heart set. 

    When you sign up for one of my wellness packages, You will notice that I add energy work into all of the sessions, as well as embedded intentional sound healing, aromatherapy based on your needs that day, and chakra balancing with the Acutonics Tuning Forks, using frequencies to impact chakras, channels and meridians for holistic natural health and wellness.

I think its important when someone says or does something that triggers unpleasant emotions, rather than point fingers, 

take a moment,

Look at yourself.
point your finger at yourself first.

    what is going on inside of you.

Where do you feel tension rise?

The more you practice this, you can spot this, and locate their origin.

Is your vessel empty?
Are you coming from a depleted place?

     Situations feel a lot different when you take care of yourself, and are serving from a place of plenty.

Now take that list of things that are bugging you...

and ...

if you place "your name"
 at the top,

Perhaps that is your shadow!
You are the one looking back in the mirror.
Recognize, YOU NEED LOVE.

LOVE is action.
Love is self-care, nurturing time, reserved for YOU.
You are the VIP of your life.

To HEAL a wound, you must FEEL a wound.
Then give back to self.

For me, it is receiving weekly massages. 
It is being near water, and salt water is my preference. I do this daily.
It is having the luxury of time to watch sunsets.
It is running with my dog.
It is practicing my Pilates 4-6 times a week.
It is riding my Peloton!
It is having a tea ceremony.
It is soaking in Epsom salts in the bathtub.
It is stretching out my body.
It is paying attention to what is going on in my head.
It is giving myself a facial at home, and painting my nails weekly.
It is resting on my bio mat, and meditating, with mindful breathing.

When I take proper care of myself, I can come from a place where giving is easy!
Where I can take my time, and life is effortless. Good VIBES only.

We all need to take better care of ourselves, all the time.

Everybody...Every BODY needs pilates, massage, water, rest, breathing, meditation. Quiet time.

     It doesn't matter if you are one of my professional Seahawks ball players, or a badass back to school teacher, sensational seasonal gardener, high powered CEO, retired longshoreman, or a busy stay at home mom. 

You need to take care of yourself.

     By selecting a wellness package, with an intention of your wellness in mind, 
 you will gain the most reward, and changes with our time together. 

     If you can only come once a MONTH for bodywork, THAT is something!
We can build on that good habit!

     If you are dedicated to your HEALTH, and seeking lifestyle changes, I suggest you commit to pilates 3 times a week, combo that with stretchrassage, once or twice a week, and one (90) minute session of structural and energetic bodywork.  

    You will notice a difference in a day, a week, you will notice a huge difference in a month, and your life will be entirely different at the end of three months!

    When you take care of your body, and this is the easiest way to start with daily self care rituals, you will reap the rewards with decreases in stress, or better abilities to manage tension. 
     You will feel more powerful in your body, stronger muscles, that are leaner, with increased flexibility. You will have less injuries. You will feel less pain.
     Your mind will be learn to slow, and gain proper focus, emerging from a grounded empowered authentic place. This will draw people and opportunities to you.

    Its like burning sage to remove the bad energies from the room...

Only for your vessel...!

and along the way...
energetically you may burn some bridges to 
CLEANSE your life of the people, and situations
that are not serving, and that are not good for you.

GAIN ALTITUDE by taking care of yourself.

     Raise your frequency when you don't like what you see in the mirror.
This should be your ahhhhh-haaaaaa moment of I need self-care/self-love.

     Get in touch with yourself, so you can recognize, and correct.

Love yourself... 
Give to yourself, so you can attract what you deserve.

Basic law of attraction.

                  Maybe you are not so much giving up things, as much as gaining new things!
New perspectives.
New ways of doing YOU.
New ways of moving thru life.

You must leave to arrive...

gaining a BIRD's eye view.

This is what is means to be alive!!!

The beauty is in returning...
returning to you.

Allowing the change. From old to new.

Even if the only good place you can be right now... is taking care of yourself at pilates, or with massage or with ANF Therapy, or fire cupping...

As above,

So below.

As within, so without.

As the universe, so the soul.

If you are ready to get real with yourself.
Have boundaries, discipline, respect,  and honor your space, your human body...
that glorious vessel, we get to experience life in, and make memories with!

And create balance, create the space of self care, 
be nice to yourself.
Be kind to yourself.

Be motivated by love, not fear.

BE A wild love, from a gentle soul.

Don't be afraid of who you are. Conjure your inner light, your magic, and allow yourself to shine bright.

Let this be the mirror you grace the planet with...
... the ebb, and flow...
your greatness.

Interconnectedness of cycles.

We are not separate.

And the deeper truth:

The more you take care of you, the more you can take care of others. Mirrors.

It takes a strong individual to sit with themselves, 

calm their own storms...

HEAL all of their own issues...

without trying to bring anyone else into that chaos.

YOUR journey into self.

LOVE is just THAT.
...let me repeat:

Your journey into self...
LOVE is just that.

Become your best self.
Manifest the life you want to live.


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