Best FOOT Forward

     Foot health is often overlooked, unless you experience injury, pain, discomfort, or change in gait.

The feet actually present a map of the entire body, as do the hands and ears with respect to reflexology!

Did you know that foot fitness is a thing??? Foot health should be part of your healthcare

By massaging, stretching...the feet, we can effect the whole body.

Do you feel good about your feet?

Are they:

Happy? Ugly? Clean? Dirty? Tired? Beautiful?
Do you consider your foot a work of art?

Do you appreciate running? 
All of your fancy heel striking?
The magnificent ground reaction forces?
...Opposing gravity?
The whole body is stacked on top of here!!!

...all the way up to the brain!

Do you notice the chain of events that occurs with each step you make?

Did you know the foot has 26 bones!
33 joints!
100 muscles, ligaments and tendons attachments!

     I will often check in with the feet, to listen what that body is saying WHOLE-BODY.

     I can bring in my tuning forks to balance out chakras, and meridians that might be blocked, or stagnant. These points might be in the feet. 
Tuning forks work a lot like acupuncture, but instead of needles, which I have never been a fan of, the use of tuning forks allows a vibration, a frequency into the body. The body, consisting of so much water, allows the resignation of frequency to flow whole body. MOST clients become ultra relaxed, as these frequencies naturally feel really good to experience. 

    Certainly acupuncture and acupressure points in the feet feel good, and effect the body holistically for healing.

     I also suggest homework for foot health to my clients in-between treatments with me.

    Things like, 
      a golf ball are great to roll on, and hold pressure with. Especially if you use your breath.

     I like the golf ball, because most of us have one hanging a round the house! They are inexpensive, and they really get in the deep, depending on how much of your own body weight you allow.

     The other homework for foot health is active range of motion. I suggest the alphabet to begin. Simps as it sounds: create each letter with your foot, practice being precise! This alone begins to lubercate your joints!

     I suggest practicing balancing on each foot, this will help you as you age!
     Practice balancing on your tip toe! 
Practice a controlled roll forward, pause, hold. Then slowing roll back, pause hold. repeat.
     You can sit, and roll thru foot as well.
I like to stand, and stretch out my feet. One foot flat on the ground, the other behind me, toes into ground, allow the lengthening. 
        Standing on one side of the foot, helps lengthen out calf muscles! I, especially enjoy this stretch as a runner!
If you need extra strengthening in your feet, I suggest foot grabs! 
    You can sit or stand, you can even use that golf ball again! Simple use your toes to grab the object!

    Practicing these techniques for 10 minutes each day, is much better for your health and wellness, than allowing for one hour of stretching one day per week.
      Daily acts of care provide better results.
EXTRA attention, and TLC for the feet creates an entire launchpad for a healthy body/spine!
      You create a stable foundation to stack, and move a body upon.

All of this effects your mind, and energy!
Overall health!

     To securely be surefooted as you forge thru life, direct some loving attention to the self care of the foot. All of our body parts deserve the best! 
Nothing is separate.

     If you patiently, and diligently give your feet what they need to thrive, you will see, and feel results.

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