Why You should Come See ME!

Get Pain Free, a better body, and Keep improving your health overtime. 

I have witnessed a trend. 

It matters if you are athletic in high school. 
Not because of popularity or scholarships, but because you are establishing a lifetime habit of self-love and self-care. 
You feel endorphins, you work hard, and see results of the work, you feel connected to your body, and often community. It is healthy.

Then we go to college.

And...for those that are athletic, you have a healthy way to relieve stress and tension. 
This is where we see bodies begin to change.
 Not only hormonally, but lifestyle habits.  sedentary ... drinking... not sleeping... not exercising... not hydrating... not expressing self love.

Then we get married, and have children.

And we are taught: we are to take care of spouse and child(s), and put there needs before our own... UGH!


Years later, kids graduate, and you have an ugly, fat, empty nest. Your body aches, hurts, pains... your posture is crap. Your diet is crap. Your mind is crap. You are old and getting older, and wasting away.

You didn't invest in yourself. 
You forget to take the time for self-love and self-care. 
You messed up.
That is ok, you can take ahold of the reins now!
You can learn now.
You can recognize now....that...

In fact, YOU should be first priority. Everyday, always. 

Put the oxygen mask on yourself first, then your kid...spouse.
If you are not filling your bowl up, how can you give from an empty vessel?

You CAN'T!


sometimes spiritually...
you are or become empty.

Don't wait.

Join me, to learn about self-care, and self-love, and learn how to fill your bowl up, so that you can give energy to areas, and people you care about. You can give from a full place. You have space to give. 

It takes energy to spend energy, You gotta move your body!
This is the cycle. 
You have to take responsibility for your body/vessel. 

It should be QUALITY and not QUANTITY. 
This is why our classes are 45 minutes. We want you in and out, so you can go back to your life, with a full bowl, ready for action, and ready to make a difference in peoples lives, because we are all connected. By us helping you become high vibration, we set you in motion to be in high vibration in your world, and it ripples out!

Its our way to contributing to healing the planet, and giving you your best body.

Imagine parenthood, and post parenthood, with sincere shiny energy, establishing good habits, that your children SEE, so they copy! 
...That rippling effect.
It actually teaches your kids how to reduce stress, and take care of their vessel, by watching you do Pilates, and receive massages, and meditation .

Your priorities should revolve around self-care habits that fill your tank up!
Do that SELF-LOVE thing!

...and when your tank gets 1/2 full, 

You know its time to fill it up again.

Think lifestyle..
If you are proactive in your health, and wellness, then you will not suffer the preventable sufferings!

Take care of yourself with by visiting LeGuerisseur Healing Center on Mercer Island, Washington. Established in 2001, making a difference in people's lives. Contributing wellness back into the community, in a meaningful way. Structural therapeutic grade bodywork. Strengthening weak muscles, with corrective movements, that is safe for all. 
Your posture will improve. Your body awareness will improve.
Your body image will improve.
You will gain confidence.
You will gain life.
Balance your body thru practice and education.
We get to the core.
with world class instruction.
Transform Yourself.

Book Maria!


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