Systems Check:

     In Flying, we have flow charts for EVERYTHING. Every 15 minutes, and more with specific tasks at hand. Basically, to make sure the airplane is in normal operating order, and still flying. Being in bodywork for nearly two decades, I understand posture, movement, range of motion, and how we use our bodies in day to day tasks to preform.  Our posture is everything. Easy to pay attention to, you just need to know your flow chart!

      (I'm only going to speak of the Phyical body in this article. Not to leave the rest us for any other reason, than my point being physical body only. )

That being said, 

     Consider this as routine maintenance for your Phyical body every 15 minutes, until you have practiced it so much, you have mastered it, and IT is your way.

Maria J. Toro's System's Check :

Feet on the ground, standing on tripods. 
balanced thru out.
Toes pointing straight ahead, forming the number 11.
balanced weight in feet.
knees are forward, and soft.
balanced weight over each.
Hips are over knees, over ankles, and pointing forward.
Spine is erect. STRONG BACK.You are standing tall, reaching for the universe!
Your chest is lifted, and proud, while you draw your shoulder blades down away from your ears, and back to spine, focus on rhomboid strength here.
Heart center is shining happily sparkling green beams of light, brightly lit into universe.
Deep breathe...3 counts in, 9 counts out... repeat calmly.
You are relaxed. Ahhhhhh.
You have a piece of fruit under your chin, to lift and create space.
for Your Deep breathes...
Rotate your arms back, drawing your elbows into your waist snuggly, allow your forearms to rest softly next to your side body, palms face forward.

This is anatomically the correct position to stand in our bodies, think "Military style"...ish, heart center is open. This way you will attract LOVE, and the RIGHT people to you. 

You should feel grounded.

At first this will feel forced and foreign. You should consider doing extra weight resistance training to enforce the balance of this posture. This will be something you can take gracefully with you into old age, and feel really good in your body, because you took care of it all along!

The only time we can be at rest, is sleeping, and watching Netflix... otherwise, assume this posture is everything in your care and maintenance for your human vessel.

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