What To Expect When You Arrive For Your Session

Before you arrive Plan on arriving on time for your massage session. While driving your vehicle to our back lot, you begin to relax right away, as you notice ample free parking to choose from! When you enter from the southwest corner of the Key Bank building, you’re immediately swept up to the top floor, where you mostly likely will begin to smell the aromatherapy greeting you. You will be asked to remove your shoes before entering our healing sanctuary. We have coat hooks on the insides of our front door for you to begin to make yourself at home with us. There is a good chance you will have Birdie Love, our hypoallergenic therapy dog, greet you first. She is a kind, friendly, and loving Standard Poodle, who adds a charming element to a magical place. In Our Healing Space Maria will greet you in a warm Aloha spirit and bring you into the treatment room. From here we can fill out paperwork if it is your first session, or we can verbally communicate about what your body is presenting today. I will then leave the treatment room, and let you undress to your level of comfort, placing your clothing on a bench, you can settle onto our massage table equipped with a jade and tourmaline gemstone bio mat with the far-infrared heat to reduce toxins, radiation, and provides immediate grounding. A few minutes later, I will arrive in the room to join, and guide you on your healing experience. I expect you to communicate to me. I have amazing intuitive hands for healing, and palpation skills are all knowing. During Your Massage I have strong hands. Let me know if you want more or less pressure! It’s your time and I use my intuitive skills to relieve stress and sore muscles. Communication is vital as we work together. It is my goal to empower you in your own body, so you may flourish in all areas of your life. I will listen to you, and your needs. My only expectation for your session is that it be held in your greatest good. After Treatment I want you to feel shiny, and happy. As the session draws to a conclusion, I will wrap up by thanking you and your body for taking the time to honor, love, and nurture self. I will exit the treatment room, to wash up, while allowing you to dress. Once you are dressed, you can open the door to the treatment room, I will join you back in the treatment room, where, I will take your payment, and get you rebooked for your next session. I hope you will be hydrating with a glass of water, and I should see clarity in your eyes, with a relaxed face. You can sail back down the hall, down the stairs, or elevator, and safely driving to your next destination. We hope you will honor your body with massage and bodywork minimally once a month that is only 12 a year. The more often you receive bodywork, the better you feel, it is cumulative. Live a life of nurturing self-care, self-love, and your temple is worth it! Click here to schedule with Maria J. Toro, LMT on Mercer Island, or go to leguerisseurhealingcenter.com


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